The recent arrest and subsequent detention of the IPOB Onye-isi, Nnamdi Kanu by our security agencies leaves a lot to be desired. It is little wonder the insurgency has been allowed to fester so much. This is largely due to the fact that our intelligence system is weak or non-existent.
Let us look at this. For a long time, Kanu has, through his Radio Biafra and social media, been preaching hate messages, calling Nigeria a zoo and calling on his followers to “kill” members of the other tribes, tear their Nigerian passports (I shared a photograph of his members burning their passports some time ago. He has attained a cult-like figure among his followers, some of who see him as the best thing to have happened since “ofe nsala” was discovered. What did our government do? They decided to be shutting down his station “upandan”(Olufunke Phillips, 2014). Next, he announced that he was coming to Nigeria. Our inefficient intelligence agency did not see the trap. What intelligent “criminal” announces he is going to a place where there is a high probability of his being arrested?
So, he landed and just as was expected, he was “gbabbed”. Now, there is where the wahala started. Kanu had expected uproar by his “fans” to follow his arrest and probably the intervention of the international community, thus emerging as a hero. Alas, the guy “fawol” lay cooked egg as Waffi pipo go talk. His brothers at Idumota, Alaba and “Opiweka” have carried on their businesses as if “Notin dey happen”, (Tuface Idibia,2004). No “aluta”, no “surutu”, apart from a few people on social media posting about him, if you ask some people if dem know Nnamdi Kanu, dem go ask you weda na name of fridge? My guy is busy eating “ewa agoyin” and stale bread in DSS custody. Nobody wan come bail my guy. Who wan die?(Pa Ikhide, 1825)
Ok, the guy is not a British citizen. Although, I do not have empirical evidence to this effect, (Oby Ezekwesili, 2014). He simply has a British visa. Now, this is where the government would have shown some smartness. In these days, there is what we call psychological warfare. Let me give an example. Some time back, we saw female Jordanian fighter pilots shellacking the ?ISIS mothaf**kers. Now, the terrorists believe that should a woman kill them in battle, no “ukwa” for the world beyond. Who no wan quaff na? After getting killed here, “ukwa” should be a bit of a motivation na. So, when the Jordanian female pilots started frying their arse, it was a psychological battle.
Now, upon entering Nigeria, our government should simply have retrieve his passport(the basis upon which he acquired his visa). AGBAKOBA V DIRECTOR, SSS held that the passport is the property of the government. Now, imagine if his passport were seized, you don finish the guy ke na. He cannot go back to the UK because he does not have a
Nigerian passport. He cannot demand his passport because not only had he called Nigeria a zoo and urged his followers to burn/destroy their passports, he has also consistently denied being a Nigerian but a Biafran. So, let his go to his Biafra for a passport. His meaning a Nigerian passport would have held him out as a bloody hypocrite (which he is anyway) which would have affected his fan base.
They bungled the whole thing and resorted to brawn instead of brain. Now, it is a stalemate situation. The government cannot release Kanu noR charge him to court. Kalu had, in his illusion of grandeur, estimate that by now, his fans will be causing mayhem everywhere and the international community would be asking the Nigerian government to “live” him alone as the way he is being treated is “immensaly” unfair, or in his fantasy, probably sanction Naija as dem do for Saro-Wiwa matter. Whosai? America and Britain wey get enough wahala to contend with? In short, Britain on tell am say, “Ogbeni, OYO l’owa”. Every aboki with im kettle O. (Aristotle, 2014)
Now, the government is afraid that should they release him, he may go to any of the South-Eastern cities to a tumultuous heroic welcome and thus stand out as a martyr. At the moment, Kanu name no dey even appear for footnote for any newspaper sef. The guy suffers from megalomania he has an inflate self- assessment.
For now, Kanu, continue to enjoy your “ewa agoyin” inside the gidan yari”.


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