Are the Youths Really Ready 2?

For those of us who grew up in Benin in the 80s an 90s, we will remember a song by the legendary maestro, Osayomore Joseph.
In that song, he said and I quote,’So not be envious of the man driving a car. Try and follow the same road he followed. If it is bitter or if it is sweet, you will find out”.
I came online this morning, and some people who have access to free date and phones have been making noise about the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and blaming our leaders for not giving the “yoots” a chance, They are beginning to sound like broken records.
i cannot help but laugh in bachama language at these people.
Please, Google Justin Trudeau an the first thing you will notice is that his emergence is not something that happened overnight. He had been working towards it for a long time.He ousted Bloc Québécois MP Vivian Barbot to become MP for Papineau in the 2008 general election..
After then,he systematically worked his way to the top. Here, our youths use their MBs to come on facebook and insult each other, some collect money from politicians to run phoney accounts to spread the “achievements” of the politicians.
Meanwhile, you want to be minister at 43 years of age. The “igbo” you are smoking, even Kwale people go respect am
Make una dey there dey wait for epa em to hand over to una,una go grow white hair for armpits.
The binis have a saying that,”I go drink rabbit water, na when dem dey kill the rabbit dem dey talk am” Here, we want to drink “rabbit water” without participating in the killing of the rabbit.
We are so used to short-cuts. The same short-cuts that make us rea “key poiints” instead of reading the textbooks. We want the gain without the pains
The last time, there was a party purportedly formed by youths prior to the 2015 polls. Alas, the party was formed for only one purpose-to get INEC to shift the polls.
How many youths are ready to work through the ranks? How many are engaging in community services before venturing into politics like Ogbeni Trudeau?
Go and study Obama’s history and see how he painstakingly built himself to the top
How many of the “yoots” support their own during elections? How many “yoots” belong to political parties? How many “yoots” even know where the party secretariats are in their ward, local government and state ?
Is it now the same “yoots” who run around giving awards to Kashamu Buruji, and the same old men they are complaining should leave the scene for them? You want these men to suffer and suddenly hand power to you? Now ,after giving awards to Buruji, Wada and other Tsoffofis, you want them to take our youths seriously? If you are waiting for these guys to use their resources to wrest power and suddenly hand over to the youths, you brand of “igbo” is strong.. These guys wrested power when they were younger and have been holing onto power since. Thus far, the present generation of youths have not exhibited the needed tenacity to wrest power from them.
You think it is for nothing some churches have a programme title “Power Must Change Hands”?
Make una dey wait for power to drop like manna o


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