Sometime back, my friend and I went to the office of a director in the state civil service. We were told to wait for him as, “ya je sallah”(he went to pray). He returned from his prayers and after my friend told him what had brought us, he did not bat an eyelid before demanding bribe from us.

There is this area where they sell parts in town. Every Monday morning, when I am passing there, they usually have their fellowship for about an hour. After that, they will still go ahead and sell sub-standard and fake parts to customers.

Same for the building material section of town.

Sometime back, my friend and I were at AGIS office in Abuja and for the period we were there, we saw people having a fellowship and singing and dancing in ecstasy.

I was made to understand that the same people were responsible for all the land racketeering that take place in the AGIS.

You go to a government office and you see a civil servant watching a religious channel during work hours- it does not matter if this particular civil servant came to work late and signed in that he/she resumed office at an earlier time.

I know of this senior police officer who was always watching TB Joshua in his office whenever I went there. No matter the time of the day, be sure to meet him watching TB Joshua. However, the man will not hesitate to demand “cin hanci” from you.

The attitude of most Nigerians to religion is nothing more than being cosmetic.

We wear religion on our sleeves for display purposes only.

It is not uncommon for us to see a civil servant driving a car that he knows his salary for six years cannot even buy, yet will gladly put the sticker of his religion organisation or hang a chaplet/prayer beads inside the car, just for you to know his/her religious inclination.

In the part of town where my office is, every Friday, one part of the road is blocked because there is a big mosque there. Same thing happens on Sundays when the huge church on that road holds on Sundays.

I keep asking myself, with the number of people I see in the mosques every Friday and the ones I see in the churches on Sundays, I still wonder why we have so much evil in the society. I still wonder who steals all the money in government offices, I still wonder who falsifies account documents and inflate contracts.

Years back, a parishioner was telling my dad of how he was transferred to an office and he met one of our parishioners in the office, so he felt he could “collabo” with the guy on anti-corruption stance. Sadly, the man was the main culprit in the business.

Anytime I see any person putting up a sanctimonious stance, I just smile. I am more concerned about how you react to the situations around you than all the posturing of religiosity you may put up.

Both the bible and the Quran all have verses dealing with human conduct.

Sometimes, I ask, when people act, are they oblivious of these provisions in our holy books?

Imagine if every Christian were to stick to the tenets of the bible and the Muslims stick to the tenets of the Quran.



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