Are the Youths Really Ready?

Whenever I come on facebook, I see posts like Nnamdi Azikiwe was so so so so years when he became president. Ojukwu was 34 years old when he was Military Governor of Eastern Region.

They reel out stories of all the plenty Nigerians that attained top positions at very young age.

I always find such posts comical and never take such people serious.

I will like such posters to go back and study their history properly. In the colonial era, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ernest Ikoli, Herbert Macaulay, Obafemi Awolowo et al did not just sit and wait for the colonial powers to hand over power to them. They FOUGHT for it. Go and read about the Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM), the National Association of Nigerian Cameroun (NCNC) and you will see the role the youths (properly so-called )played) to acquire political power.

These guys “gbege-ed” the colonial powers and some even went to jail.

Ojukwu was a MILAD in his thirties, simply because he was the most senior military officer of the eastern origin, so, the task of being the MILAD of the Eastern Region fell on his shoulders.

Gowon was the most senior military officer from the north, so became the Head of State at such a tender age.

Go and read the stories of those who held top positions at tender ages, they struggled for it.

These days, our youths after getting a few free MBs from their service providers, come on social media to chant about how the older generation should quit and leave the stage for them.

As someone said, you do not ask for power, you TAKE it.

We just expect the “tsoffofis” ,after spending money on elections, receiving insults from the same “ yoots”, to just hand over power to us like that. The brand of weed you smoke must be from Kwale area and very effective.

You cannot get power that way. As for me, I don comot mind from being addressed as “leaders of tomorrow”.

In the last elections, we had people like Sola Kuti in Lagos, Preye Aganaba in Bayelsa and a host of others. Even my good friend, Stanley san for House of Assembly in Edo State

One Eghes Eyieyen almost turn “almajiri” for social media dey solicit money for campaigning. Sadly, he could not even afford the form for Senate. The guy’s activism stopped after that incident.

I wish to ask, how many of the “yoots” campaigned and vote for these people?

By the way, which youths sef? The ones wey we get like 40- years old Pa dem dey head NANS(Non-Academic Nigerian Students) and go dey adopt candidates upandan(Funke Phillips,1921), the NASS that gives awards to Buruji Kashamu and other “epas” dem?

The ones that cannot even organise a simple SUG or Faculty body election? The ones that are more interested in being PAs and SAs to local government chairmen just to get a few thousand dollars to spend on liquor and women of easy virtues?

For most of our youth, the dream is, hang around a political “dog-father” for a while, get to gather enough “street cred” ,then run for councillor, hoping to become c “Share-men”, House of “ Arse-embly” member, and maybe Hose of “Wrecks” member(that is if dem no die for confra matter o)

Make una continue to dey post history wey no complete without bothering to find out what those young people did to get power.

Dem go come beg una to come take power just now,una hear.


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